Our Edge

  • An offshore law firm – not just a LPO (legal process outsourcer)
  • Substantially reduce your legal costs – via our unique utilization of a combination of onshore and offshore resources
  •  Quality – management with leading international law firm experience and a skilled team of lawyers deliver top-rate legal services
  • We work while you sleep – our network of operations across multiple continents allows us to provide 24/7 service

About Us

LegalBase is a law firm ranked one of the world's "Best 5" legal outsourcing providers by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP).

We provide legal services to clients from around the globe in jurisdictions as diverse as Norway and the Maldives. We have a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from small businesses to law firms, global consumer brands and boutique private equity houses.

Our team combines management with extensive international legal experience supported by senior lawyers educated and qualified in the U.K., U.S. and Canada and junior lawyers with top shelf Sri Lankan credentials and background.

Our innovative approach to the provision of legal services utilises the expertise of our onshore personnel in Europe and North America with the offshore team to produce legal work that matches or exceeds that produced by onshore law firms. Our use of a combination of onshore and offshore teams enables us to provide legal services at substantially lower rates than onshore law firms.

Our bases of operation are conveniently located in cities in North America, Europe and Asia and clients have the option to receive assistance from both our onshore and offshore representatives.