Discovery and Document Review

Baseline discovery tasks such as document review are costly and time-consuming components of complex commercial litigation and of regulatory submissions such as antitrust and competition law filings. Well-run initial reviews allow firms to leverage their internal teams more effectively while poorly executed reviews result in cost overruns, inefficiencies, and on occasion, privilege waivers.

LegalBase combines a professional and cost-effective review team with consistent and personal supervision by veteran litigators with extensive experience with document review and other discovery tasks. We believe that these advantages differentiate us from other discovery vendors, whether offshore or onshore, and provide for high client satisfaction with our work product.

Our services include:

  • Document review for materiality, confidentiality, and privilege in litigation
  • Review and organisation of competition law-related submissions such as U.S. Second Request productions and E.U. requests for information
  • Document coding based on issue tags
  • Creation of logs for attorney-client and work product privileged documents
  • Summaries and organisation of hot documents and exhibits
  • Deposition and investigational hearing summaries

Key Contact: Albert Y. Kim, Legal Director Litigation, Regulation and Antitrust