Real Estate Services for Law Firms

Commoditised Packages

Our team of UK qualified lawyers can put together the individual components of your transaction, and manage it for you,giving you more time to focus on the deal and your relationship with your client.

All of our services are available, individually, on a fixed fee basis, enabling you to hedge your pricing risk.

Due diligence

  • Corporate Support
  • Contract review
  • Title Certificates and Reports on Title
  • Data room preparation and hosting with secure access
  • Deducing title
  • Title investigation
  • Secured Lending

Document drafting

We can prepare draft documentation in industry standard form (using our or your own template)

  • Sale and purchase contracts
  • Leases
  • Licences

We can also draft bespoke complex documentation, based on experience which includes restructuring and regeneration work, NHS LIFT Schemes and PFI/PPP

Document review

  • Amendments to documentation
  • Advice on implications of amendments
  • Rolling reports

Transaction management

Our dedicated team can chase up outstanding replies, telephone calls etc, leaving you with a hassle-free experience

Post completion work

Take the tedium out of unremunerative post completion matters and let our team attend to SDLT and Land Registration     

Consultant lawyers

Experiencing an upturn in business but not ready to ramp up?

Want to punch above your weight?

We can provide specialist expertise in the real estate sector, including Property Finance, PFI/PPP and NHS LIFT schemes and Corporate Support for as little or as long as you want it at various levels of experience.

We deal with: 

  • all training (including subscriptions to legal research materials and continuing professional development)
  • employee wages
  • holiday pay
  • maternity and sickness leave
  • employment protection
  • office space and other overheads etc

so you don’t need to invest in any of this.

This means that:

  • you only pay for time when the lawyer is actually working (unlike if you were to employ someone); and
  • you can leave work with us at the end of your day and the results can be waiting for you when you arrive at your office the next

Time management

Tailored one-to-one sessions designed to help you:

  • manage time more effectively
  • set and achieve business and personal goals