Regulatory Affairs and Compliance

Our regulatory affairs and compliance team is comprised of a variety of legal professionals with expertise and experience in international, regional and national regulatory and standardisation systems across a multitude of industries and sectors. Our services are aimed at a wide variety of clients ranging from governments, large corporations, professional and industry associations, to limited-scope, project-specific tasks for small and medium sized businesses.

Our team of lawyers can advise clients on regulatory affairs and legal compliance issues relating to their administration, business or industry. Our team is particularly skilled in providing institutions and organisations with compliance advice in the UK, USA and the EU and working with regulatory agencies and government bodies to promote business and industry interests.

Our services include:

  • Regulatory and legislative compliance advice
  • Government relations advice across a range of jurisdictions
  • Policy development, analysis and evaluation
  • Comprehensive strategic advice
  • Regulatory submission support services, including document review and production support