Small Business Services

LegalBase provides small and medium sized businesses with a comprehensive range of legal services. Our specialised small business team is experienced in assisting small and medium sized businesses with various legal issues specific to their particular needs.

LegalBase is committed to meeting the legal requirements of small businesses in an effective and cost efficient manner.

Our specialised small business team has particular expertise in the areas of:

Commercial contracts

Our team is able to draft, review and negotiate all types of commercial contracts for your business. Our areas of expertise include sale of goods, supply of services, agency, distribution, marketing, advertising, sponsorship, consultancy, joint ventures, outsourcing and IT agreements.

Standard terms and conditions of sale and purchase

We can assist your business in preparing standard form documents for use in the day to day operation of your business and ensure that your rights as a buyer or seller are adequately protected.

Company formation and company secretarial

Whether you are looking to start a small business or are trying to adhere to corporate governance requirements the LegalBase team is well equipped to assist you by drafting memoranda and articles of association, shareholder’s agreements, board minutes and resolutions.

Share sale and asset sale transactions

If you are looking to sell your small business or expand by purchasing another business our expert team can advise you on how to structure the sale or purchase of the business, draft the documentation relating to the sale or purchase of the business and negotiate the sale or purchase on your behalf.

Loan and financing documentation

Small businesses frequently require loan and financing arrangements. Our team is well placed to assist you with loan and financing agreements, guarantees and review bank facility terms to provide you with advice.

Litigation (acting for both litigators and defendants)

Unfortunately, disputes occur in the course of running a business. We assist by advising firstly on how to avoid protracted legal disputes by advising on and negotiating settlements. In the event litigation is unavoidable, we handle all aspects.

Compliance advice

Governments regulate almost all sectors of the economy. Staying abreast of the laws and regulations applicable to your industry and ensuring compliance with those laws and regulations can be difficult for small to medium sized businesses. We can assist by advising on laws, regulations etc (both UK and EU) relating to goods and services and how to lawfully bring them to market – especially consumer goods.

Legal research

All areas.