Online IP for one of the world’s most valuable football clubs

Our client is one of the most valuable and widely supported football clubs in the world.  It is also one of the most successful football clubs in Europe, regularly competing in European Club competitions.  The Club has a revered squad that boasts an impressive array of international football stars.

The Club’s intellectual property is constantly infringed online – from fake tickets to matches to fake football kits to websites and social media profiles impersonating the Club online.  These infringements – no matter how small – are extremely damaging to the Club’s brand and commercial activities.  The infringement also has a personal cost for fans who risk being cheated online – e.g. inadvertently buying counterfeit kit and fake tickets instead of genuine items.  

To deal with the online IP issues, LegalBase has deployed bespoke, specialised software for the client.  Using our software, we monitor the internet daily to find unauthorised, malicious and counterfeit content.  We can monitor all manner of online media, including e-commerce sites, social media and domain names.  

When offending content is detected, the LegalBase team then tackle all these issues head-on by taking down the online content.  This includes removing and shutting down sellers of counterfeit products on numerous online marketplace platforms such as Alibaba and eBay.  We also remove infringing pages and misleading content across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

We have successfully removed over 45,000 online intellectual property infringements for the Club to date.  

In the first half of 2020, we removed over US$1 billion worth of counterfeit products from the internet for the Club, thus creating substantial financial value for the client.  We’ve also prevented genuine customers from unknowingly purchasing fake products.

Our powerful software reporting enables us to provide the Club with constant statistics, insights and success rate data which can be shared within its business.

White label IP services for an international law firm

LegalBase works with a full-service law firm headquartered in Dubai to offer a unique IP services solution to Middle Eastern clients.  The law firm also has offices in Egypt and London, and while they have an IP practice, they do not provide online IP services.

LegalBase partners with the law firm who ask us to supplement their IP expertise and resources.  We effectively act as an extension of the law firm for all online IP matters, working with the firm on a “white label” basis as required.

Our pioneering partnership now provides highly targeted and effective online IP protection for the law firm’s Middle Eastern clients.  Our work for the firm also includes reputation management.  We offer extra added value by being able to target Arabic language content.  LegalBase has provided state of the art monitoring and detection software to the partnership to help power the online IP work.

Global trademark management and IP-related work for one of the world’s leading tea exporters

Our client is a family-run tea business.  The firm is one of the largest tea exporters in the world and employs tens of thousands of employees.  The company owns and invests in tea plantations and has lucrative stakes in strategic sectors of the industry, including printing and packaging, import, distribution of equipment and materials.  Our client’s tea brands have an international presence in around 90 countries.  

A business-critical requirement for the company is to ensure that its brands and products are protected by effective trademark registration around the world.  LegalBase manages the company’s overall global trademark portfolio, including registration of trademarks.  We also handle all other IP related work including infringement issues and IP protection.