Social Media


Third parties use your name, trademarks or sell fake products on mainstream social media platforms. Your brand and reputation are exploited for others’ gain.

LegalBase’s Response

  • Our customisable software monitors for unauthorised use of your IP 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Our AI-powered technology can reach almost any social media platform, irrespective of size and geographical focus
  • We support our clients prioritise cases or infringements that need to be dealt with immediately
  • Once infringing use is detected, “take-down” proceedings are immediately initiated


Yout Outcome

  • Stop third parties manipulating your brand or reputation for their own benefit or commercial gain, potentially impacting your profits
  • Protect for today and tomorrow: our software keeps up with highly advanced social media technology and monitors, even emerging or niche social media platforms
  • Regain control and stop exploitative third parties from using your brand, products and trademarks on social media
  • Even high-volume monitoring and infringement analysis becomes streamlined
  • Our cutting-edge clustering technology helps you prioritise key infringements while protecting your brand
  • Reduce the risk of third parties using social media to push their audience to landing and sales pages