Corporate & Commercial

We advise clients across a broad spectrum of industries on all types of corporate and commercial transactions and structures.  We have extensive experience with the luxury goods, energy, technology, financial services, real estate development and FMCG sectors.

  • Commercial Contracts

    In business, having the right contract in place is essential to managing risk and responsibilities.  We draft and advise on commercial contracts, including sale of goods, supply of services, agency, distribution, marketing, advertising, sponsorship, consultancy, joint ventures, outsourcing, IT, website terms and conditions etc.

  • Private Equity and Venture Capital

    We advise boutique private equity houses and venture capital firms on appropriate structures, investment vehicles, legal documentation and measures to protect their investments and effectively manage risk.

  • M&A and Joint Ventures

    We assist clients by advising on the appropriate vehicle for their business ventures and handling the legal aspects of the deal, including:

    • Acquisitions and disposals, company takeovers, mergers, demergers, restructuring and group reorganisation.
    • Due diligence.
    • JVs.