Website Content


Third parties use your name or trademarks without consent on websites, exploiting your reputation and maximising their commercial gain at your expense (e.g. online shops, blogs).

LegalBase’s Response

  • Our fully customisable software constantly monitors for any unauthorised IP and brand infringements (trademarks, copyright etc)
  • Once unauthorised use is detected, “take-down” proceedings are immediately initiated


Your Outcome

  • Violations are dealt with quickly and efficiently, reducing the risk of infringements gaining significant traction or extensive viewership
  • An ability to monitor where your name and brand are being used, and for which purposes
  • Remove website content which creates competition with your brand, affecting your own profits
  • Safeguard your reputation and make it harder for third parties to use your brand for their own gain
  • Reduce the risk of third parties using their sites to push your customers to their landing and sales pages