IP & Online Brand Protection

We know that protecting and monitoring your IP online can be overwhelming, but you cannot afford not to make it a priority.  Proactivity is key: left unchecked and it’s usually a very short time before infringements cause serious financial and/or reputational damage to your brand. 

We offer tangible solutions to help you monitor and prioritise infringements, protect your brand and stop serious perpetrators striking again – even in jurisdictions with low IP protection

LegalBase offers all the IP and online IP protection services you need to safeguard your brand.

LegalBase – Your online protector

Why work with us to protect your IP and online brand?

Counterfeiting and unauthorised trade in branded goods is a global business, but not one we believe our clients have to accept.  Customs seizures account for 70% of all counterfeit goods seized worldwide.  We have the legal expertise to support such seizures and help brands remove counterfeit goods from the market right at the source.  

Trademarks and copyrights have significant commercial value, and the stakes are high if you don’t register, renew or manage your global trademark portfolios correctly.  We help brand owners make sure they have the right coverage to protect their brand.  We also support our clients reduce the cost of managing trademark and copywrite portfolios by centralising coordination and access to trademark and copyright information.

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Online IP Protection:

We provide:

  • A one-stop-shop for complete online brand protection, reputation & image management services
  • LegalBase’s Protection package includes monitoring, detecting and swift take-down
  • Innovative, AI-driven monitoring software, capable of detecting infringements anywhere and across all forms of online media

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Trademark, Copyright & IP Licensing

We advise IP owners on all aspects of licensing and commercialisation of licensing of their valuable creative work from consumer products to software, art and writing.  Our expertise includes:

  • Management of trademark and copyright portfolios
  • Advising on registration and renewals globally
  • Registration, renewal and recording of trademarks and copyrights
  • Searches for prior registration of conflicting trademarks
  • IP licensing and commercialisation of creative work

Border Measures

Our services include:

  • Recording trademarks with customs agencies
  • Liaising with customs agencies to detect counterfeit and unauthorised shipments of genuine goods
  • Coordinating seizure of goods
  • Conducting investigations to detect counterfeit and unauthorised goods