Marketplaces & E-Commerce


Third parties sell counterfeit and unauthorised goods online, i.e. on eBay, Amazon etc.

LegalBase’s Response

  • LegalBase’s customisable software constantly monitors for unauthorised branding and IP (trademark and copyright etc.) infringements
  • Aided by cutting-edge AI technology, we can monitor almost any marketplace or e-commerce site, irrespective of size or geography
  • Upon detection, we immediately initiate legal take-down proceedings


Your Outcome

  • Remove the risk of competing counterfeit products affecting your sales and profit
  • Protect loyal consumers from the risk that they unintentionally buy counterfeits
  • Make headway removing unauthorised goods and third-party sellers from the internet, even in geographies with very weak IP rules and protection 
  • Identify online threats quickly before they become a problem, including small or recently launched sites
  • Take a proactive approach to marketplace monitoring that protects the future of your brand