Social Media Listening

What your customers and the market say about you defines the value of your brand.

Social media listening provides unique, competitive advantages for businesses.  It helps you understand, react and track how consumers view, experience and talk about your brand, products or services.  Companies like yours can use this data to make better business decisions, react faster than competitors and seize lucrative opportunities. 

Empower your brand with first-hand insights of your consumers, audience, and the wider market by monitoring and listening to consumer insights in the most valuable way possible: straight from the source. 

How LegalBase Helps You

Powered by AI, our innovative tech helps you gain a concrete understanding of how you or your brand is perceived.  Our technology will also map audience sentiments and chart data to stay ahead of emerging trends. 

Using our cutting-edge tech, you can monitor nearly every social media platform in any geography.  Our software will help you filter, prioritise and export the data you need to make the best decisions for your business.

Benefit From:

  • Powerful, AI-driven, social media intelligence monitoring
  • Technology that operates round the clock, scraping data in real time so you always have fresh information at your fingertips
  • Inexpensive market analysis and a straightforward and faster alternative to traditional surveys, questionnaires and interviews
  • Unbiased and unfiltered consumer opinions, straight from the source
  • New insights into your audience, perform customer research, improved advertising tracking and more influencer analysis
  • Ability to see the whole picture: use data to understand how audiences feel about you, your competitors and identify areas of opportunity
  • More actionable data: better insights into demographics, allowing you to make more informed decisions about how and where to reach your ideal audience(s) online